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A place for parents and students to report activist-educators, biased teaching, and ideological indoctrination... #BeBraveSpeakOut.

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Education is a cornerstone of our society, offering young minds the opportunity to explore, challenge, and understand the world around them. Teachers, trusted with this formidable responsibility, shape the intellect and values of the future generation. It's vital that the learning environment remains a place of unbiased inquiry, where students are exposed to various perspectives and are encouraged to think critically and draw their own conclusions.

Over the last few years, there have been increasing reports of teachers imposing personal ideologies on students, particularly concerning gender ideology, which can sway young minds without offering a comprehensive view of the topic. 

Ideological gender grooming can be particularly dangerous, as predatory clinics and activist-clinicians often place impressionable young gender dysphoric children on a medical pathway to puberty blockers and even surgery, which can result in irreversible damage. This includes infertility, permanent scarring, changes to bone density, liver malfunction, and lifelong regret. 

Our aims are simple.  We want cast a spotlight on indoctrination to help put a stop to it. 

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