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Exclusive: Degraded By State Clinicians, Shunned By Schools, The Tragic Tale Of A Mother And Her Trans-Identified 14-Year-Old

Mother anonymously speaks out about how institutions subverted her parental rights and indoctrinated her son

Project Stark recently spoke with a mother from Southwest England, who shared the troubling account of her 14-year-old son's indoctrination. Over two hour-long phone conversations, she recounted her experience.

As with our initial whistleblower report, we've adopted pseudonyms, Emily and Ben, in respect of their privacy and to prevent any backlash they might have been subject to.

Ben didn’t have an easy life at school. He wasn’t sporty. Nor was he popular, and he was very tall and slim. One thing he excelled at, however, at least prior to his gender dysphoria, was academia. His ability to process information was vastly superior to that of his classmates. Some would say he had a natural talent.

Like many academically inclined individuals, Ben experienced bullying. So he naturally sought alternative avenues to socialise. This brought him into the online world, which blended neatly with his love for K-Pop music, cosplay, and anime where its fandom thrives.

Meanwhile, Ben began to spend a lot of time on Discord - an instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) social platform - that allows communication through voice calls, video calls, text, and media files. Emily speculated that this was where his “gender dysphoria” derived.

It was only in retrospect when Emily obtained his Discord message history that she realised this online community he had been engaging with was extremely sexual. She reported Ben had received and participated in graphic sexual flirtation with older homosexual and transgender individuals. This included nude photos. Emily promptly stopped him from communicating with these individuals.

Ben had also exhibited signs of autism. So when he raised puberty-related questions to his mother, she sought advice from the healthcare services that were available to her - that being the school nurse - to assist her son in navigating a subject that he was seemingly struggling with. Emily was very clear. She couldn’t give two hoots if he was gay or bi-sexual. She just wanted to help him, particularly given his possible autism.

This is where their tale turns sinister.

Following an appointment with the school nurse, Ben returned home to suddenly declare that he was now “trans”. Emily was dismayed. The purpose of the appointment was to address the complexities of puberty. So why was her son now openly claiming that he was born in the wrong body?

Upon review, she discovered the school nurse had provided 14-year-old Ben with an NHS transgender guidebook. When Emily inspected the contents, she found it wasn’t a guidebook at all. It was an indoctrination script, signposting her son to cross-sex hormones and eventual surgery as possible treatment pathways.

Critics of the guidebook have raised concerns about its origins, pointing out that it was produced by the most radical groups on the frontlines of transgender activism, such as Sci-Identity and Gendered Intelligence. These organisations receive significant funding from the Wellcome Trust, a body with ties to deeply unethical medical movements, including the re-named British Eugenics Society.

Here are some screenshots of that “guidebook”:

In the fallout, Emily reached out to the school’s headteacher, who expressed shock. The school nursing team, however, maintained that they did nothing wrong. Administrators also refused to confirm whether the guidebook was being distributed to other children.

Emily filed a complaint, but it ultimately came to no avail. The school behaved like bureaucracies so often do and dodged, delayed, and deferred.

Weeks later, teachers notified Emily that Ben was playing up in class. He was displaying poor concentration and, at times, refused to complete the work teachers assigned to him. His mum then organised a learning disability assessment with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). The idea was to acquire a support toolkit to help him manage his studies.

What would transpire during this assessment, no one could have predicted.

After explicitly outlining to the CAMHS clinician that she did not want her to talk about gender identity - because it is an extreme ideological belief not rooted in biological fact and unrelated to a possible learning disability - Emily scheduled the assessment. When Emily and Ben arrived, however, the CAMHS clinician told Emily she could not accompany her son for the start of the assessment. A while later, the clinician invited Emily back into the room with Ben and shouted at her, “these children need support!”

A state-employed clinician, possessing a level of knowledge of Ben’s situation negligible to that of Emily’s, shattered her remit and shamed her as a parent.

Emily was degraded. Degraded in front of her own son by someone who had only heard one side of the story. She noted that the same clinician immediately affirmed her son’s trans-identity and referred to him with “she/her” pronouns.

Fortunately, Emily had the foresight a month or so prior to organise another assessment with a private psychotherapist - who happened to be a former Tavistock whistleblower - whose conclusion outlined that Ben simply needed time to process his “trans-identification” before committing to any sort of transition.

For those unacquainted with the hierarchies of medical opinion, expert psychotherapists vastly outrank CAMHS clinicians.

Here is a copy of the psychotherapist’s conclusions:

The CAMHS “professional” had received a copy of this recommendation before the appointment. So not only did she break her obligation to abide by “evidence-based practice” - as specified on CAMHS websites - but she also disregarded expert advice from a superior.

Complaints were lodged by Emily to the ombudsman and to the hospital in which the CAMHS clinic is located, but they stonewalled her, like the school.

As the months rolled on, Ben became more entrenched in his trans-identity. Now, at 16, he enrolled in college. But something changed. He didn’t want to use his birth name anymore - he wanted a new female name as well as a new surname.

Emily pleaded with the college. Fearing that a name change would further facilitate a transition which he may come to regret - being that Ben is still only 16 at this point. She forwarded the ex-Tavistock expert’s recommendation to college administrators, hoping they might listen.

Unfortunately, in line with every institution she had thus far contended with, they effectively ignored her. The college enrolled him under a female name and allowed him to change his surname. She again appealed to the relevant authorities, but found herself marooned. The college conducted its own internal audit and decided that affirming Ben’s trans-identity was justified.

When Ben applied to various universities via UCAS - which states that legal names must be used - correspondence also referred to him with his chosen female name and surname.

As soon as Ben turned 18, the college stopped communicating with Emily. And although she had always maintained she respects Ben’s beliefs but also requires him to respect her own - that transgender women are not women - Ben moved in with another family who affirmed him as a girl, thus becoming estranged.

Had the institutions Ben frequented for the last four years not indoctrinated and repeatedly affirmed his trans-identity, perhaps Emily would still have a relationship with her son. In effect, the state intruded on Emily’s relationship and subverted her parental rights.

Current Department of Education (DfE) guidelines state that schools, colleges, and healthcare services do not possess the power of affirmation. In simple terms, they are not allowed to help transition a child, especially if it is against the express desire of a parent. They must work with parents.

The reason is simple. Parents are ultimately responsible for raising their child and, it is their duty to protect that child from any danger. Given that transgender treatment, such as hormones and surgery, can cause dire health complications as outlined in the annotated image above, that constitutes danger. As do the documented paedophiles who have infiltrated various trans youth support groups.

Emily hopes to one day reconnect with her son. She said she would not hesitate one second to accept him back home if he ever intends to return. She is currently aiding efforts to combat transgender indoctrination and urge DfE to enforce rigid safeguards to protect young children.

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